Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Quandry

It's that time of year again: racing cyclists are just starting to think about the season to come. If they've not been doing regular rides, they'll start and some will spend hours gazing at web sites, trying to work out which races and events to enter. Then BANG! It's Christmas.

Cycling is a skinny man's game and, as a late comer from, of all sports, rugby, my weight can be a bit of problem when it comes to getting up hills, though a lack of talent, strength and fitness are doubtless the major contributors to my poor ascending. To counter this I have become a little obsessed about what I eat, sadly not obsessed enough to stop me eating too much pizza and drinking too much wine last night. Oh for a dose of will power. This of course is the problem with Christmas.

I love Christmas, but all that eating and drinking can present a cyclist with problems. Should he abstain or counter the seasonal excesses with higher mileages on those extra days off work? Last year I was racing on the 27th, so I didn't drink on either Christmas or Boxing Day. I stoically sat and watched the rest of the family eating, drinking and being merry as I pushed roast potatoes round my plate and sipped water. Was it worth it? Not really. I didn't do very well and won't be riding the same series again. Instead, this Christmas, I'll ride to my in-laws house then drink whatever is on offer, though I will go easy on the second servings.
On the front at the Hog Hill Winter Series. Not for long though

Happy Christmas.

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