Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kit Review - EDZ Inner Shell

Something new for you here, a kit review.
I ride a bike without a fairing, a naked to quote the vernacular and, despite the heavy rain and freezing temperatures which prevailed the day I bought it, was surprised just how cold I was when I first rode it. Not only that, but I wear a vented jacket, the leather full of holes to keep me cool on the scorching days yet to grace us with their presence this year. With this in mind, I need something to keep me warm and so do you if you venture out on a summer evening ride, or find it’s colder than you thought half an hour into your journey. The EDZ Inner Shell reckons it fits the bill. I’ve had one for a few years now and it accompanies me on all but the warmest or shortest rides. According to the EDZ website it’s only 0.6mm thick (should that be thin) so is both incredibly light and very easy to carry. You can fit it under the seat of your bike or in any jacket pocket without it in getting in the way. I fold mine up and carry it in a plastic bag, though since I’ve had it, the company introduced and supply a tiny stuff sack.

It only comes in black, but you’d be churlish to complain about that, as it is intended to be worn under your jacket, and over a tee-shirt, or baselayer if you’re getting technical. Once on, you wouldn’t know it was there, the off-set zipper doesn’t catch on your neck or snag the zip of your jacket. The high, fleecy collar, doesn’t rub, however long it has been since your last shave and is the final frontier between cold and your chest.
So, we’ve established it weighs nothing, stows easily, is comfortable and that we don’t need to care how it looks, but does it work? Yes, it does. Made of Pertex, it’s windproof, which means I can wear my leather jacket over it on my cool daily commutes, then stick it my pocket for the warmer journey home. It’s capable of keeping the wind at bay for far more than a 12 mile motorway journey though, I’ve worn it on long rides across England and Europe, it really is all you need, though at £50 it’s not cheap. In keeping with the nature of this here website, it’s very breathable, so you could quite happily wear it on a push bike ride without melting, though you’d need to wash it more often, something it stands up to well.
Please don't iron it

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