Saturday, January 17, 2015

To Eat Or Not To Eat...

In the weeks following Christmas, advice on how to rid oneself of festive weight abounds. Fad diets and fitness tips are everywhere. Cycling press talk is of combining training and effective fuelling to help trim the waistline, most articles urging caution: do not starve yourself.

But who listens to experts? Not I.

A few years back, on a cold Sunday club ride I was determined to keep my calorie intake down, taking only two bottles of water and no gels or bars. After a coffee (no cake) stop I was dropped on a small hill. Having chased back on, I went straight to the front, leading the group at over 20mph, only to gradually slip backwards again, eventually telling my club mates to go on ahead.

I rode with another dropped rider for about 10 miles, before he turned off, leaving me to ride alone into a very dark place indeed.

My world went blank. I have no recollection of anything other than crossing the town bridge, saying excuse me to pedestrians, and most strangely, a merry-go-round.

There isn't and, as far as I am aware, never has been a merry-go-round on the Low Road. But that day I saw brightly coloured wooden horses circulating round flashing lights. No happy faces, no noise just the dismembered, silent rise and fall of a fair ground ride. Behind it; through it, the road ahead remained one dimensional and resolutely grey.

Then I was speaking to a neighbour. Later he told me my eyes had been empty, how I swayed as I stood and how he had watched me stagger to the garage, as if drunk. Concerned, he even made sure I made it into the house.

Some hours later consciousness returned. I had showered, my bike was in the garage, my kit in the wash and everything was put away. Who did that?

The hallucinations may be pretty, but bonking can seriously harm your health, so listen to those who know.

Some pies


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